Morgan Madrid – Miss Poland 2018

Poland is located at the heart of the European continent. The country is a meeting place not only for cultures and ideas, but also for conflict and confrontation. Poland’s borders have changed many times over the centuries. Its present borders were set after World War II ended in 1945. Poland has seven neighbors: Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russian Kaliningrad. Poland has a variety of striking landscapes, from the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea coast in the north and the rolling central lowlands to the snowcapped peaks of the Carpathian and Sudeten Mountains in the south. Poland has more than 1,300 lakes throughout the country.

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Morgan Madrid, Miss Poland UN USA 2018, Madrid was born and raised in a small town, Sonora, California located in the United States of America. The town was located between an old mining town called Columbia and also next to Yosemite National Park, an American national park. These two major tourist spots helped give Madrid culture and history that she would use later in life to help her grow as a young woman. Up until she was nine years old she lived with her mother, older sister, and younger brother, but then her mother remarried and Madrid became the middle child of seven children. With so many siblings it should have been easy to find a place to fit in and make friends, however these new siblings did not seem to care for her all that much. Growing up Madrid found it very difficult to make friends and even harder to find a place to fit in. At the age of twelve Madrid finally found home. The theatre. She made lifelong friends, confidence, and also found a place where she could fit in. When she was fourteen years old, she got her first job working at Sierra Repertory Theatre as a crew member, this meant that she worked spotlight,backstage, she was a dresser for the actors, and she was also a child wrangler, which meant she was in charge of any children that happened to be in the shows. This was when she new exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to help show children how wonderful the world of theatre was. After high school, Madrid went to Los Angeles to study theatre at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. even though she was only there for one year, she met some amazing people and made incredible friends from all around the world. Somehow she managed to gain even more confidence than she already had. She fell even more in love with theatre than she had thought possible, however this was when her dream started to change. While it would always be her dream to become a well known actress, she discovered it was now not only her dream to act, she know knew she wanted to teach the art of acting. Madrid plans to go back to school to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre, so that she may teach theatre to children and anyone else who would like to learn the wonderful art. Madrid hopes that one day theatre may be as big in schools as football seems to be.