Jolie LupumbaMiss Zambia 2018

Zambia is a a landlocked country in Southern Africa that’s roughly the size of Texas or France. Zambia is, bordered by Tanzania to the northeast, Malawi to the east, Mozambique to the southeast, Zimbabwe and Botswana to the south, with a narrow strip of Namibia known as the Caprivi Strip to the southwest, Angola to the west, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the northwest.

Zambia offers travellers some of the world’s best safari opportunities, a glimpse into “real Africa,” and Victoria Falls, one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Jolie was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo; her name means Beautiful. At the age of 2, Jolie, her parents and her older brother relocated to Zambia, due to civil the war in Congo. Zambia is a country that’s located on the southern part of Africa. Jolie lived in Zambia for 21 years as a refugee. Jolie attended Chiti Mukulu High School where she graduated in 2011. After high school Jolie accepted a job in a Boutique and fabric store as head cashier. She worked for the boutique for 4 and half years. In October of 2015 Jolie and her family were given an opportunity to resettle in the United States of America as Refugees in Twin Falls Idaho. 

Jolie is a dedicated employee who is currently employed at the commercial creamery in Jerome as a processing operator. Her long-term goal in education is to attain a Doctorate in Nursing, she would like to use her knowledge to help and encourage women in her country. As a young lady Jolie has faced a lot of life challenges, she is a courageous young woman despite all circumstances and challenges she has faced in the 26 years of her life. Although some of the challenges she has faced as a refugee were difficult to overcome, Jolie continues to be fighter and a conqueror.

Jolie has a love for others She always puts other people’s needs before her own. She is respectful and kind. She is an outstanding and amazing citizen. These are three words one could use to describe her; resilience, ambitious and a perfectionist.