Jeanne Osiera Mebounou – Miss Cameroon 2018

Cameroon is in West Africa. It borders Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east and Equatorial GuineaGabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south.

While Cameroon is not the largest country in Africa, in some ways it’s as large as Africa itself. Known as “Africa in miniature” it features French and English speaking portions, Muslim and Christian dominated regions, the tallest mountain in West Africa and terrain that includes rain forest, desert plains, mountains and high plateau.


Her name is Jeanne Osier MEBOUNOU, but people called her ‘’Osiera” since her childhood. Osiera is a Cameroonian of 22 years old who was born in Cameroon in the city of Douala.  She grew up in a modest family of 8 children and she is the 5th child of her parents.

The little girl started to show her dynamism as from 5 years old. Very smart and courageous, Osiera quickly obtained her brevet at 19 years old and she directly entered in the Advance School of Mass Communication where she founded herself and was graduated.

Today Osiera is consider as a cultural promoter. But, we don’t forget that in 2015, she was elected the first Miss United Nations in Cameroon. Since that day, her life changed! she started to be very responsible at just 19 years old. As a young lady, she inspired the Cameroonian’s youth by her dynamism.

She expressed her desire to help those who are in need, such as orphans. During her mandate, she participated in many good projects as conferences, campaigns of sensitization. And finally, she created her own company MIMA (Mebs International Models Agency) to promote the culture of her country Cameroon. MIMA insure the training of models and manage them. But, MIMA also organize many events to collect donations to help orphans. As her first Fashion show which collected donations to helps orphans to start school in better conditions. And every 24th December, she organizes Christmas with orphans. She gave to those orphan’s godfathers who give them gifts and spend time with them.