About Us

HigMen Production is an organization with the sole aim of promoting Diversity and culture in the United States, and providing scholarship opportunities for culturally diverse students. HigMen organizes the Miss Nations of the World cultural pageant to promote its aim.

Our Mission

The mission of the Miss Nations of The World cultural scholarship program is to shed more light on diverse the nations of the world are, celebrate beauty, grace, elegance and confidence and to promote an environment that is safe, positive and understanding of every individual’s uniqueness. Thereby eradicating simple tolerance and turning it into genuine happiness of each individual’s rich dimension of diversity. HigMen Production is an organization with the aim of promoting diversity and culture in the United States, developing the finest ambassadors of goodwill to donate proceeds to a charity and to raise scholarship funds for deserving culturally diverse students in the United States.




As an entrepreneur and a community leader, Agnes Higley has dedicated her life to serving and volunteering in Utah and in the Philippines, where she is from.  She is known in making new and big events happen in the diverse Utah community, making her busy at all times.

Ms. Higley is a mother of three, graduated with high honors with a degree in Computer Science and the owner of Jazz Balikayan Shipping Company.  She is an accomplished singer and an actor, participating in various stage productions including taking on the role of Lady Thiang form the “The King and I”.  She also performs in Filipino cultural dance and musical performances including the Living Traditions, Asian Festival, Sundance Festival and many others.

Having been involved in the pageant industry for over 14 years as a competitor (competing on local and state pageants), judge, director, consultant and coach, Ms. Higley is now the President/CEO of the Miss Nations of the World Pageant.  Her goal is to help young women discover who they really are and their purpose in life. And, along the way, enrich their lives by learning how to build life long relationships, goal settings,  reaching for their dreams and giving back to their communities.  She wants to instill in them to embrace their strengths and conquer their weaknesses.  Additionally, she directed the Mutya Ng Utah (Jewel of Utah/Miss Philippines Utah, including Miss Little Philippines Utah and Miss Pre-Teen Philippines Utah) and, at the moment, she is the Executive Pageant Director for Utah for the Miss Asia, Miss Asia Teen and Mrs. Asia pageants.

For her community services, Ms. Higley is the Utah State Chairperson for the NaFFAA – National Federation of Filipino American Associations , the largest Filipino American organization in the nation and the only White House recognize Fil Am organization in the US.

She was the former President of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Utah (FILAMCCU) and Philipine-American United Families of Utah (PAUFU). Ms. Higley was recently awarded the prestigious HIYAS award (in October 2018 Carlsbad, CA) Humanity, Industry, Youth, Arts and Sciences, as the Outstanding in Community Service and Leadership Award, and another in Las Vegas, NV, (December 2018) as the Leadership Award presented by the NaFFAA organization.

Additionally, she has two projects under her foundation: AMH Helping Kids:  Raincoats, Tsinelas and Backpack Operations and the Breakfast Feeding Program in the Philippines. Since its’ inception, 27 elementary schools have been helped, providing thousands of school children much needed school supplies and a nutritious meal to start their school day.  You can learn more about it at:  www.amhhelpingkids.com.




Co- Owner of Higmen LLC, organizers of Miss Nations of the World

Gloria Mensah delights in helping to empower women and spreading the need for everyone to appreciate diversity in Utah and in the USA as a whole. She is actively engaged in bringing diversity to the lime light. As co-owner of Higmen LLC, Mensah also organizes and is the president of the Miss Nations of the World  scholarship program which provides young beauties from all over the world the opportunity to showcase their unique personalities, pride and talent with others. This program helps to create a positive and safe environment where everyone can move beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity this world has to offer.

Mensah enjoys serving in the community and helping out as much as she can. With the Miss Nations of the World Scholarship program, she ensures, the delegates who participate from across the USA are actively engaging in rendering service to their community as they promote diversity and their culture.

Apart from actively helping out in the community and working with the Miss Nations of the World program, Mensah is also the Executive Director of GK Folks Foundation and the Pageant director for Miss Africa Utah. Mensah is key in organizing and bringing Africans in Utah together under one roof.

Mensah created GK Folks Foundation, a non profit organization that is focused on creating scholarship opportunities for African Students. Mensah’s efforts include providing educational & entrepreneurial resources/opportunities for African students in diaspora to pursue their platforms, goals, education and succeed in school with the intention of giving back to their respective African countries.

Mensah serves on the board of the United Africans of Utah, an organization that helps all the African communities in Utah stay unified by empowering its leaders and providing them with the skills they need to help the weak and underprivileged in their respective communities

Mensah holds two Bachelor degrees; a Bachelor of Art degree in History from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria, West Africa and a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism and a minor in Digital Media from Utah Valley University. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration degree at Western Governors University.

Mensah is originally from Benue State, Nigeria. She is married to William Freebody Mensah and is a mother to two lovely kids, Freebody and Freemyra Mensah. She currently resides in West Jordan, Utah and loves watching movies, traveling, visiting new places and making new friends.





Dana Rossi began her dance career in Bountiful and Salt Lake City, Utah and has been teaching since 1985. Continuing her professional career, she appeared internationally in USO tours and musical revues. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Weber State University and continued her education in the Master’s program at Portland State University with an emphasis on Sociology of the Arts. She has been the Choreographer of the Miss Asia Utah Pageant since 2009 and choreographed the Mutya Ng Utah Pageant in 2004. With Swing City, she taught and performed at events throughout the state of Utah, including 2 performances with the Utah Symphony and the grand opening of Hotel Monaco. Dana has taught Jazz courses for Salt Lake Community College and occasionally teaches Jazz for Ballet West Academy. Dana is currently the Assistant Director of Ballet West’s I CAN DO program (Inspiring Children About Not Dropping Out). In this capacity she has taught dance to up to 1000 children in the Salt Lake City schools each year since 1999. In 2005, Dana and the I CAN DO team were invited to the acclaimed Edinburgh International Festival and introduced the art of dance to 600 schoolchildren in Scotland. She is currently a certified Zumba fitness instructor, sharing the love of dance and music while helping others to improve their health